About us

Amber Conflict Training (ACT) UK started operating in 2010, formed by trainers from the then NHS Counter Fraud & Security Management Service (now NHS Protect). The team have worked together since the National Conflict Resolution Training (CRT) Syllabus was launched in 2004. They however have been teaching in a variety of sectors for many years previously (including the Police, Military, NHS, Telecommunications, and Security Sector).

Whilst at the NHS Counter Fraud & Security Management Service, the team have helped develop and present the CRT ‘family’ syllabus and subsequent courses in the NHS including;


  • Conflict Resolution Training (CRT) NHS National Syllabus

  • Conflict Resolution Training Refresher (CRTR)

  • Conflict Resolution Training Familiarisation Seminar (CRTFS)

  • Conflict Resolution Training – Train the Trainer (CRT TTT)

  • Conflict Resolution Training Ambulance Sector (CRTAS)

  • Conflict on the Telephone (CRTP)

  • Promoting Safer Therapeutic Services (PSTS)

  • Personal Safety Training for Lone Workers (PST-LW)

  • Identicom – Lone Worker Device user training

  • Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008  – Dealing with Nuisance & Disturbance on NHS Premises.

However whilst we specialise in CRT and Personal Safety we also have experience in many other areas between our team, so from Law Training, we are the lead company on training the use of CJIA Powers to the NHS.

All our trainers have received the NHS Protect Conflict Resolution Training Package (a 2-3 week course), then went on to develop the Conflict Resolution Train the Trainers courses and the CRT Familiarisation Seminars. Most other providers be they internal or external providers, looking to deliver CRT to the NHS, were trained by key members of our team.


Latest News 2017 – Anti Crime Specialists Training

The latest news is the adding of the following Anti Crime Specialist courses;


  • Local Security Management Specialist

  • Local Counter Fraud Specialist – Continued Professional Development & Key Skills Development *

    * We hope to offer the full LCFS Foundation course in 2018.

Since NHS Protect announced (early in 2016) the decision they would no longer be able to assist those employed as Counter Fraud Specialists and Security Managers with their Foundation Training and Continued Professional Development. We have put together a team of some of the most experienced Anti Crime Trainers who previously worked for CFSMS/NHS Protect, the Police & Military (UK & US) and within the Security Sector across the Globe. We also have a selection of Training Venues available across the UK.

To further support those in the LSMS and LCFS Anti Crime roles, we have a wide range of courses, from micro teaches to more in-depth sessions to provide the ongoing Continued Professional Development these Anti Crime Specialists need.

The course can be ‘unplugged’ from the LSMS & LCFS courses to develop support staff to the above Anti Crime roles, such as Security Officers (& Security Team Leaders) and junior investigators.

Amber Conflict Training will become the Anti Crime Training provider of choice. The team are passionate about what they do and want to ensure that those on the front line are supported. We will be updating via our Website, Facebook Page – @AntiCrimeTraining, Twitter – @AmberConflict and our Linkedin account.

Whilst it should be mentioned that the Local Security Management Specialist courses are designed for the NHS sector we can also unplug specific NHS elements (such as the CJIA Powers under s119 & s120 of the 2008 Act) and train Security and Fraud Investigators across other sectors.

For more details, please contact the team.