Personal Safety Training for Lone Workers

There are many members of staff who work out of sight and out of hearing of their colleagues (you don’t have to work off site to be a Lone Worker). This course is designed to follow on from our Conflict Resolution Training Course (which has a ‘thread’ of Lone Working tips put into the course) and this session can be either half a day (with two sessions a day) or a full day version, you can specify a selection of Breakaway Skills as well if you require them.

The course consists of;

  • Who is Lone Worker
  • Identifying Risks
  • Solutions / Risk Reducers
  • and more (the training can be made bespoke to your requirements to include for example ‘Breakaway’ skills.

For guidance from the Health & Safety Executive please follow the link below;


For those in the NHS, you may also want to look at the guidance from NHS Protect;


For more details on our training, designed to reduce the risks to your team, please e-mail;