LSMS Training

Since NHS Protect ceased their provision of Training in April 2017 to the LSMS – Local Security Management Services & LCFS – Local Counter Fraud Specialists (or Anti Crime Specialists as they are now being referred to in the NHS), we have advanced plans to continue the delivery of the Foundation courses to the LSMS community post April 2017. We recently recieved the go ahead from the Security Management Professional Accreditation Board (SMPAB).

Our team are all Accreditated Security Management Trainers (or ASMT’s for short), the lead trainer for the first course run by Amber had the honour (dubious as he describes it) to run the final NHS Protect LSMS course in Coventry and we have a wide range of supporting staff who have worked as LSMS’s (or indeed – still are), or who have specialist skills and abilities to share with delegates. It is truly humbling that many delegates waiting to attend our courses have waited to be trained by us, as they attended their own courses with us whilst at NHS Protect, so thank you for your support, it is much appreciated.

We had hoped to improve on the NHS Protect course but the time available simply wasn’t enough to add the 20 plus sessions we have been working on, with feedback from LSMS/ASMS’s from previous intakes and to cover the absence of elements previously run by the CPNI – Centre for Protection of the National Infrastructure.

The lastest news on accreditation is that sadly the link with Portsmouth University is coming to a close but the SMPAB are looking at a new option we believe to maintain the accrediation as required by Standards. This may allow us to add more sessions and hopefully receive more points for further education with whichever body takes on the LSMS Accreditation.

In the NHS Stadards it is also a requirement for LSMS’s / ASMS’Ss (Accreditated Security Management Specialists) to have CPD / Refresher training, so we have a wide range of supporting courses that we currently deliver that can also support the LSMS (& LCFS community), ranging from Table Top exercises to smaller more intimate classes, we have also been approached about attending Quarterly meetings to deliver training.

Post LSMS training, not only can we support you with training, but with specialist support from those who can help with Policies, Surveys, Quality Inspections, Legal Advice, Security Management Advice and other areas as required.

Please contact the team if you wish to be placed on our LSMS or LCFS Foundation Course waiting list for 2017/2018 by emailing;

‘Proposed’ course dates* for 2017/2018 are;

Course 1/18 – Glenfield Hospital, Leicester
11th December – 8th January – 22nd January

Course 2/18 – venue TBC
5th February – 19th February – 5th March

Course 3/18 – venue TBC
19th March – 9th April – 23th April

Course 4/18 – venue TBC
14th May – 4th June – 18th June

Course 5/18 – venue TBC
2nd July – 16th July – 30th July

Course 6/18 – venue TBC
3rd September – 17th September – 1st October

Course 7/18 – venue TBC
15th October – 29th October – 12th November

* Please note these dates will only commence if sufficient delegates confirm attendance. We reserve the right to merge or add additional courses.

We will offer NAHS members a 5% discount on the LSMS Course.