Conflict Resolution Train the Trainers – NHS Manchester

The course was delivered to an excellent standard, very informative & enjoyable. The trainer is clearly knowledgeable in this area & supportive throughout the course.

Personal Safety Course – Sandhurst Military Academy, The Veterans Charity

We would very strongly recommend Amber Conflict Training (ACT) UK to anyone seeking a training provider.

“In today’s challenging environments, awareness and safety training for staff and volunteers is not only advisable but I would say it has become imperative for any organisation.

We have enjoyed the outstanding training provided by ACT and their expertise has helped to not only educate but also protect our Trustees and volunteers.

I can wholeheartedly recommend their dedicated, professional and thoroughly enjoyable approach to delivering unrivalled expertise and astounding breadth of knowledge.”

Conflict Resolution Training – London

The best training course I have ever done, thank you – Nurse

I wasn’t looking forward to ‘another’ mandatory training course, but not only was it very informative, but also great fun – Receptionist

Simply Superb – Student Nurse

If all Mandatory Training was like this, it would be a pleasure to attend – Practise Manager

The trainer, offered advice during the break, on a personal ‘conflict / security issue’ I am having outside of work and I can’t thank them enough for taking their time to help me, thank you’. – Nurse

Really enjoyable – Porter

I came on the course and thought I knew enough about conflict (having served in the Military) and was pretty disengaged initially (my body language showed a lot of hostility – in the why am I here sort of way), but the trainer engaged all in the group and I realised after the session on TA (Transactional Analysis) that I was in an Adapted Child state…with the help subtly (very subtly) of the trainer. I would thoroughly recommend this course to all staff, not only do you learn about others but also your own attitudes & behaviours. Great course.

JS, Estates Team